Laura Holway

Branding, Web Design,
Marketing Support

Client: Laura Holway, a small business owner who provides resources and advising for creative people and their businesses.

Challenge: Laura needed an update for her brand that was softer, more embodied, and truer to her evolving practices. I used inspiration from forms of movement, pathways, maps, and cycles to create a visual identity and workbook for Laura. The end result was a soft, colorful, put-together yet imperfect design that aligned with her personal and professional aesthetic.

My work: I created a new brand with illustrated deliverables that aligned with Laura’s personal and professional aesthetic. I designed a workbook for her upcoming series of classes that matched her new brand. I helped Laura get a running start with her Squarespace web design

LH New.png
Primary Logo.jpg
A workbook created for Laura Holway and Small art Advising. The first page says “Places to Start when you don’t know what you need” and has three orange blobs underneath for writing. The second page says “Reflect: Recurring Needs” and has a large pink blob underneath it for writing.