RatHaus Inc.

Web Design, Branding


Client: RatHaus Inc., a production company known for their bold & empowered blend of theatre and nightlife.

Challenge: Rathaus needed a redesign of their current brand and website, which were incongruous with their exciting and modern aesthetic. I worked closely with with Rathaus to create a look that better reflected their brand.

My work: I designed a new brand with secondary logomarks for ease of use. I revamped their website so it captured their excited, modern aesthetic on the easy-to-update Wix platform that they were comfortable using. I took dynamic, high quality photos of their performances to showcase their work on social media and their website.

New RH.png
RatHaus Logos MN Playlist.png
A workbook created for Laura Holway and Small art Advising. The first page says “Places to Start when you don’t know what you need” and has three orange blobs underneath for writing. The second page says “Reflect: Recurring Needs” and has a large pink blob underneath it for writing.