Before We Start

First, you’ll send over a “hello!” using the contact form on my website. We chat and, if we’re a good fit, set up a time to meet face-to-face or in a zoom call. During our meeting, we’ll talk about you and your dreams for your project, then set expectations for our work together. This part is critical to me. Not only do I love to get to know you, but it’s so important to see my clients as real, alive, human beings, so I can bring your realness to your work.



This next part is a whole lot of necessary BUSINESS. I’ll send you a project proposal based on our meeting. The proposal outlines the work you need done, and an estimated timeline for the duration of the project. Once you approve this, you’ll receive a contract and an invoice for a 50% deposit on your project to hold your spot in my schedule. Once that’s finished and sent in, this step over and the real work can begin!

planning + research.png


After you sign your contract, I will send you homework questions to help us dive deeper into your business and your project, and communicate your full self and values. Once you turn the homework in, I start doing visual research and plan out what your brand and website might look like. All of these pieces help make sure that we’re on the same page before I begin designing.



Using all of the juicy info I gathered from you during the planning + research stage, I begin designing! I draft your website, create illustrations, sketch your logo and brand assets, etc. I do lots and lots of versions of these until I find something that works and represents the heart of your business. This part can be fairly quiet, as I’m hard at work trying to make visual magic happen for you.



I send you the first draft of your designs and wait for your feedback. You tell me what you like and offer revision feedback. I love this part of the process-- a lot of exciting collaboration can happen when we start meshing our ideas together. I do two rounds of revisions for your project based on our conversations, and when we’re done, you have a finished design in your hands!



Once we’ve determined the bulk of what your designs will look like, I fine-tuning the smaller details of your project. This is where I make your business cards and brand assets, or take care of your website’s SEO and mobile optimization.


After this, we’re done! I send over your finished productions and an invoice for the remaining 50% of your payment. At this time, I always ask my clients for a testimonial for our work together, and am happy to provide support + answer any questions for the first few weeks after our work together is done. After that, if you love working together and feel like you may need more marketing support, I’m always available to be hired on retainer. Otherwise, we’ll shake hands and call it a day. Voila!