Do I have to be an artist to be a creative business? 

Any business can be creative! If you’re looking outside the box to solve your problems, embracing an experimental mindset when trying new things, and aren’t afraid of trying new things, I’d call you a creative. Creativity is an approach, not a business type. (aka, I can work with you even if you’re not an artist or maker!) 

Why do you only make designs on Squarespace?

I design on Squarespace because I want to make you a beautiful website that is completely accessible to you. Squarespace is easy to update, extremely user-friendly, and has an incredible support system available to you if you run into any troubles. So many of my clients are independent business owners whose messaging will change and refine over time. I want you to be able to have ownership over your website, and be able to implement those changes yourself after we are done.

When do I need to have my website content ready? 

Your content informs your design, so this needs to be done before we begin our work together. I require all content (text, photos, etc)  prior to our official start date in an organized format. 

Will you help me write my content? 

I promise that you do not want me to help you write your content. I’m good at making the things you want to say look good, but I’m not as good at figuring out what you want to say in the first place. If you need support to get clear about what your content needs to look like, might I suggest looking through my colleague Laura Holway’s offerings? She has an offering to provide this support. 

Do you provide the photography and videography services?

Yep! Before deciding to focus only on design, I was a photographer as well! Mention photo styling experience, and cohesive visual look. 

How many photos, illustrations, and videos will I get?

Photos: 1 photoshoot, usually around 60-100 photos.
Videos: 1 videoshoot, with either 1 1.5 minute video, or 3 .30 videos as your product.
Illustrations: 1 large illustration, and 1-3 spot illustrations throughout.