Young Dance

Branding, Illustration

Client: Young Dance, a 25 year old dance company and school that engages youth of all abilities, backgrounds, and body types in dance making and life long learning.

Challenge: Young Dance’s brand was old and outdated. Their previous logo did not evoke their staple values of inclusivity, movement, and youthfuless. They needed a cohesive brand that represented who they are, was progressive and bold, and did not look like other more traditional dance schools.

My work: Keeping their values in mind at all times, I created a logo and brand for Young Dance that was playful and professional. In addition to their new brand, I created illustrations that complemented the logo that showed bodies of varying abilities and types moving and dancing.

Screen Shot 2019-04-11 at 12.53.34 PM.png
A workbook created for Laura Holway and Small art Advising. The first page says “Places to Start when you don’t know what you need” and has three orange blobs underneath for writing. The second page says “Reflect: Recurring Needs” and has a large pink blob underneath it for writing.